Let Us Tell You A Story

Once upon a time some two years ago, we came to the real estate market with one goal in mind, to reverse the unfair and unrealistic price gouging of property in Lagos State. What justifies the doubling of pricing in places with no real development? So we figured something out. Buy property, keep it for two years, see the value of the land around and make sure to keep our offering at half.

Our flagship offering, the Landlagos Development Plan One. Located directly opposite La-campaigne tropicana in the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos state. Price of surrounding land per plot? N5,000,000 (you can check)Our price?


With discounts on 10 plots and up available.

Our goal with the Landlagos Development One is simple, crash the unfair pricing of land starting with Ibeju Lekki. Our is an offer you would not get anywhere else.

The LandLagos siester is our vision for affordable co-living spaces in Lagos.

The aim of the Landlagos Siester is to create affordable co-living spaces that can be rented weekly and cost approximately the same as what a person working in the city would have to spend on transportation weekly to their typically far away homes.

With Lagos been the city in focus, the cost of rent on the island which houses the bulk of white collar organisations is out of reach to a working force mostly earning between N150,000- N350,000/ month. Like in most cities, they would have to move from a far off location to their places of work and back every day. Traffic jam is common and most working people spend several hours in traffic on their way home and have to wake up as early as 4:30 in the morning to get to work in time.

The cost of rent on the island is in the millions of Naira annually, monies expected to be paid upfront every year with very few option for monthly payment and almost none offering co-living arrangements. Current offerings are out of reach for the hundreds of thousands of people who work in places like Victoria Island, Lekki and Ikoyi and its environs.

Our solution is simple, co-living spaces. This systems actually already exists, we are not breaking any new grounds here, the only difference really is that we are going to be taking this concept mainstream, as well as taking some much needed steps to protect the long term viability of this venture.

With numerous Landlagos Siester’s in all the aforementioned places, we would finally be able to have a work force that is well rested and productive. A win for their organisations, a win for themselves.


Siesta is your trusted source for affordable spaces in Lagos. Our portfolio of office spaces combines a comprehensive selection of professionally furnished spaces for rent. That means you have a lot of great options to choose from. We have a location perfect for your every business need. With Siesta you’ll enjoy an easy leasing experience with expert property management.

  1. Affordable spaces
  2. Expert property management
  3. Long-term office rentals


Own Property?

Let us help you earn more than your annual rent

List your property on the Landlagos Siester and earn double the yearly rental value. With thousands of property sitting idle, let us make your property work for you, and we promise it would work very hard.

Register to become a Landlagos Sales Agent with just N4,000

Register to become a Landlagos Sales Agent with just N4,000 and get

1. Free rides from us at anytime on any day to take your clients and yourself to visit our properties

2. You also get to earn a hefty commission on sales of any of our landed properties upwards of 5% of the total value of sales

3. You get a free monthly sales and marketing material

4. And lastly, you get to be the first to know of any new sales offerings and discount before the public.


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