About Us - Our Philosophy

" A people with property are vested in the state, a people without would cause a fire."

- Anonymous -

Profit has always been the motive of business, the same motive that has caused for the destruction of one natural ecosystem after the other, the same that has caused for the pricing of property in Lagos state to be so high that we are now the third most expensive property location on the continent without the accompanying development that is expected. The average salary earner spends about 37% of their earnings on rent in the state. Property, the only true way of transferring financial wealth from one generation to the other has become a pipe dream and because of that, profit alone must now become a poor motive.

Our vision at Landlagos is to see the Nigeria worker become an owner and a decision in their own time. This leads to our mission statement- To control and reverse the unfair and unrealistic inflation of property pricing that makes the average Nigerian unable to own their own.

In other to achieve our vision and mission statement, we at landlagos peg the inflation rate of property to allow for more people to be able to afford them in due time. Currently property pricing is determined by the “feelings” of the seller. It has very little to do with actual development in the area. It is as simple as one person deciding that a new higher price with the surrounding estate adopting that to be the new reality. We are reversing that trend. By pegging the price of property and its inflation, we frustrate surrounding property owners who would want to increase their property without reason as our own development offering more would make it very hard for them to justify their “new price”. This causes for our own development over time to be very sought after.  

Every holding of Landlagos is earmarked for development two years after purchase. The development plan is to see the popularization of affordable prefabricated homes that cost less than a third of regular offerings,made with stronger material and come with more design options with a strong modern aesthetic appeal. This affordable luxury setting can either be owned by the owner of the land and developed at zero initial cost, or the property can be bought at the current inflated rate, making the land owner a decent profit and the buyer a new owner.

At Landlagos we believe that property should be the right of every hardworking and income earning Nigerian. We cannot continue to let market forces driven by persons whose only motive is profit force the majority into poverty. We believe that a people with property that they own and can transfer to the next generation are the true beneficiary of the state and its resources.



Folorunso Muyiwa