Lagos is considered the standard for excellence; the city is seen as the cynosure of the Nigerian people. The city of traffic has no downtime and whether you love the day or night, there is a provision tailored to suit you perfectly.

Lagos has a handful of historic sites and places, this is because it has a lot of history accolades to it. This was the first city that housed colonialists especially Portuguese. They developed Lagos as a slave trade center, this slave trade was now abolished when the British colonial masters came, but before that Lagos has acquired a name for itself, and international relationships became stronger and continued to grow.

Below are 4 historic places you can visit in Lagos.

The first storey building; located in badagry, the foundation was laid in 1842 at marina front, and was completed in 1845. Erected by reverend Henry Townsend, the building was first a missionary society. So, if you’re looking to see myths and history of the Yoruba people! Make sure to visit.

The national theater; located in igammu, the national theater is one of the most fascinating pieces of architectural masterpiece ever seen in Nigeria. Constructed in 1976 whiles preparation was made for the festival of arts and culture held in 1977. The national theater holds a remarkable collection of national beauties and arts in one of the halls. It is advised to visit the theater early, as it is crowded daily.

The African shrine; known as the fela shrine, this building was initially built in the 90s but was burnt down in 1977 and built up recently. But you can see various artworks, photo gallery and times of the legendary music idol fela kuti. Performances happen every Sunday evening and it is headlined by the idol’s son Femi and seun kuti. Children may be a bad idea because a lot of ‘’adult material’’ happen here.

Tarkwa Bay Beach; Lagos is no exception when it comes to beaches and sites. Different arrays of beach are found on the Lagos island areas. The tarkwa beach dates back to 1960. The beach comes with a lot of relaxing resorts that allows you experience maximum fun.  The wrecked ships come in handy when talking a photograph.

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