5 Things That Should Be In a Nigerian Bachelor’s Apartment

The Nigerian Bachelor is the cynosure of all eyes because they are  indirectly responsible for the predicament of single ladies who are of marriageable ages. A typical Nigerian bachelor can date a lady for donkey years and even get engaged to her but the best that can come out of such relationship is a baby mama drama.

The ladies may have a fault of their own when it comes to settling down but let’s pretend they are without sin, how many Nigerian bachelor really wants to wed our ladies when there are other supposedly easy and less expensive routes. How many of these bachelors really want to stay committed to one woman?

A peek into the apartment of a single Nigerian guy says it all. Even when they have a serious lady in their lives, their apartment still screams single-hood. They like their space just the way it is and just won’t welcome changes.

A typical bachelor only puts his house in order when a new babe is visiting. And even at that, do they really do a good job at it? As long as he has a good sound system with an accompanying LED screen, a fully subscribed Gotv decoder, a room that is half clean with sizable mattress and a piece of bed sheets of whatever colour to complement, the job is done.

Nigerian bachelors really don’t make their apartments look good for themselves, what comes to mind when a bachelor decides to put his apartment in order and make it a decent home are his female conquests.

Let’s take a critical look at five things that should be in a bachelor’s apartment if he’s to be seen differently by a spinste and hence, change his status.

  1. A Proper Kitchen (Kitchen Items)

Trust me, some Nigerian bachelors can’t boast of a proper kitchen. Even when a space exists in the apartment for a kitchen, it would have been converted into a store or a clutter room. And for those who leave their kitchens just the same way they moved in, theirs is a rather disturbing case. Why should they even bother about the items that should be in a kitchen when they would rather eat out?

Most Nigerian guys are contented with a studio apartment even when they have the means to get a bigger place, in fact just find an apartment with one room as long as it’s not within his family house; a Nigerian guy is good to go. Asides what they do in the convenience, they can manage to do every other thing in the sitting room or better still sleeping room. However a Nigerian bachelor who really wants to tie the nuptial knots with the woman of his dreams should have a proper kitchen that would at least house a Refrigerator, cooking utensils, cooking gas, foodstuff, a kitchen cabinet e.t.c. He shouldn’t give the impression all he wants is someone that would cook for him for the rest of his lives, he should be the cook then maybe that lady would just consider him.

  1. Interior décor

A bachelor’s abode is one of the most badly designed homes. They usually have no idea of want colours to paint their walls and the kind of furniture that would suit their apartment. They do a bad job selecting the right kind of curtains and are horrible in the arrangements of the items that fill up the spaces in the apartment. If a bachelor happens to get any of the aforementioned right then there’s a female’s input somewhere. Bachelors should begin to see their apartments as a place to get away from the issues of life to find peace and happiness. But how can that happen if you have an apartment that looks like a playground for kids. You can’t come from a torrid Lagos traffic only to meet a ‘no movement restriction’ in the place you call home.

  1. Shoe rack

The typical single guy in Nigeria cares less about a shoe rack as long as there is space on their wardrobe (if any) or in their room nothing else matters. Do they even bother about where their shoe ends up? I once saw my friend’s shoe in his kitchen cabinet the year before he got married. Things have changed a whole lot at his end now.

A shoe rack is an essential component of any bedroom just so that there is a level of decency in that place where you lay your head. You don’t want your shoes flying around your apartment and eventually having to deal with the rigours of always finding the other pair of your shoe while trying to keep up with an appointment

  1. Wardrobe

A guy’s room is usually littered with his clothes so much that you would think he runs a laundry service. Guys leave their clothes in all manner of places. Don’t be surprised if you enter a guy’s apartment and find his favourite shirt on the fridge. However there’s a whole lot a wardrobe can do in an apartment if only a bachelor can see beyond his bed space and think beyond his laptop and sound system.

  1. Mirror

You ever wonder why some guys come out of their homes looking like the wreckage of a ship? Some guys hardly bother about how they appear in public as long as they have worn that latest designer shirt, a wrangler jean with matching shoes, the world is at their feet or so they think. The major reason why a guy would come out of his house with half buttoned shirt and a funny face is the absence of a full length mirror in his apartment. Please should anyone be told that a mirror is very essential in any apartment whatsoever? Everyone knows that right? Of course everyone but bachelors…

If the aforementioned household necessities become a mainstay of a Nigerian bachelor’s apartment then they will have less trouble keeping their lives in order and will soon be viewed by our single ladies as worthy men to build a home with.

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