Your day most likely begins with a cup of coffee or water, wouldn’t you love  to start the day in a tranquil environment? Spending more time in the kitchen can be beneficial to your health and relationship. According to a recent study, your longevity increases when you cook at home often. Children grow to be more civil and better mannered when they eat home cooked meals. The kitchen teaches children some social skill that’ll help them connect and live with people throughout life. A recent survey showed that children who ate homemade meals had good grades and were happier than kids that didn’t.

Years ago, the kitchen used to be a place that was hidden at the back of the house, a place where meals are prepared and dirty dishes washed. By 2019, the kitchen is now the focal point of the home. Influencers are  paid to talk about kitchens with pleasing aesthetics and ambiance.

Love to do up your kitchen? Here are the top 5 trends in kitchen designs.

  1. Cabinet colors; white is so cliche!

Although white cabinets are classy, it is so last season, and we can see colors taking the stage. Designing your cabinets with different colors adds spice and glamour to the whole kitchen experience. It also gives it some edge and makes it stand out! We recommend black but if you are brave at heart, you can add a pop of color, (navy or plum.) Deep kitchen cabinets portray a luxury atmosphere, but thread carefully. You wouldn’t want your kitchen being dark or looking like the rainbow.


For high end kitchen counter tops, quartz is still winning. The material has a way of appealing luxury to the kitchen, and they can last forever.  it has an anti- microbial granite so you don’t have to worry about your kitchen trapping micro-organism.  it also has a variety of color pallets to choose from.

  1. Storage cabinets should never go out of sight

Nothing creeps anyone out than a kitchen without a proper storage space, storage spaces should be well fitted and tucked into the wall. You shouldn’t leave any kitchen item in sight.  make sure every item is neatly kept in the cabinets and closed properly.

  1. Appliance is the new cool

What is a 2019 kitchen without appliance? Appliances are making a change too. make sure your appliances are in a variety of color. Stylish stoves and dishwashers would do no harm, also!


Hardwood flooring is still popular, but if you have some coin and want to go luxury, we are happy to announce that ceramic tiles are taking over the interior space. Thanks to technology, ceramic floors now have different designs to choose from that sparks allure in your kitchen.

This guide serve as an inspiration to having that up to date trendy kitchen. Make sure to visit; to access our latest investment offers.

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