Electricity in Yaba

Ever been to an apartment in Lagos without a generator set? This is almost impossible as it is a necessity for every home not just in Lagos but in Nigeria. For the longest of time, Electricity has been a pre-eminent issue that every Nigerian is begging to be resolved.

Power supply difficulties cripple the agricultural, industrial and mining sectors and impede the Nigeria’s ongoing economic development. Most Nigerian businesses and households that can afford to do so, run one or more diesel-fueled generators to supplement the intermittent supply in Lagos. Mrs Nonye is a tomato trader in Yaba market. She partners with other traders to transport baskets of tomatoes from northern states to for sale at Yaba market and makes hardly any profit on each basket.

According to her, she spends at least 13 hours at her stall and makes roughly N4,500 daily. Her husband owns an auto repair shop (Mechanic) at Oyingbo and makes about N10,000 on a very good day. When asked about the major problem her business encounters, she complained about the unstable power supply and how she loses some monies when her perishable goods fail to survive without the ice from her freezer. Herself and her husband manage to purchase the small generator set also known as the “I better pass my neighbor” just to power her freezer for her vegetables. Not to mention, the incredulous price of petrol needed to run this generator that takes almost 60% of their monthly earnings leaving them to little or nothing.

Over 90Million Nigerians lack electricity; this is about 50% of Nigerians enduring this hardship that affects the daily living in Lagos and thousands of businesses. LandLagos has an offering of stable electricity in all of our properties to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of a stable power supply.


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