Five Boxes to Tick Before Moving House

When you finally decide that it’s time to move house, do you just up and leave? Wake up one morning, pack up your bags and move into a new neighborhood? No.

I’ve made a list of five boxes you need to tick before moving to a new location.

  1. Security: One of the first things you want to be sure of before moving to a new environment is the security of the place. It won’t make much sense to move to an area frequented by robbers, will it? Visit the area, ask questions. You can’t really trust the agent to provide all the information. The agent just wants to sell or rent, and will say whatever will get you in the door. It’s your job to find out everything there is to know before moving to the new area, and that includes security. Fine houses and well-lined streets are good, but how secure will you be?

  2. Water: Now, there’s always that possibility of getting potable water like bottled water or the water dispenser kind, but when you’re moving into a new area, you need to be sure that the water around there is treated enough for you to bathe and do other things. It’s not economically sound to have to travel to a new town every time you need water.

  3. Proximity to work: Ideally, when deciding on a new location, you should be sure it’s not too far from your workplace, and if it is, that transportation to your workplace is possible and comfortable. Moving to a new area where you’ll find it difficult to get transport to work won’t be a good idea.

  4. Housing Cost: When choosing a new area to move to, you need to gauge the price of property and rent in the new area with your financial capability. Can you afford to sustain the rent on the amount you currently earn? Being the tenant that has to beg landlords for extensions because you didn’t make these calculations is not really a good idea.

  5. Relaxation Spots: After all the work and stress, it helps to have a place to relax and loosen up. Hen choosing a new house, be sure you don’t have to travel to another town every time you want to have fun.

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