The Yellow and Black of Lagos

Transportation in Lagos is a very frustrating yet interesting experience. Every minute, the people of Lagos are on the move. Traders, businessmen and women, school children, teachers, workers, the old and the young. Most people who cannot afford to own a car are at the mercy of the yellow and black vehicles. The keke Napep’s for short distance trips, the Danfos for long distance and the taxi’s for the “comfortable” rides.

The Yaba area of Lagos is the market central of the Lagos Mainland. It’s one of the busiest market sites in Lagos and the hub of federal government institutions.  Directly opposite the market known by many Lagosians is the Yaba Psychiatric hospital, popularly known as “Yaba Left”

The Danfo is the term for the commercial bus in Lagos. Riding in a danfo is a very fascinating experience. Being in a bus with 14 people of different works of life heading to different destinations, some are sleeping trying to relax with only thoughts of getting to their destination, others are being on their phones, group of people arguing about the politics and the news while some other people are marketing their business. A very important thing you need to know about riding with these commercial shuttles is your ability to be brisk and “Street smart”.

Getting into a Danfo in certain areas on the mainland, especially in the Yaba axis sometimes test your ability to run faster than a cheetah. These buses wait for no one. Especially during the rush-hour period where people are headed back home after the day’s hustle.  At times, you might be at the mercy of stubborn and reckless drivers who remind you countless times of how they own their vehicles and therefore are in charge of the ride without considering the passenger or The bus conductor who refuses to give you your fare balance just to bully you or to rolling up your sleeves when the Lagos traffic decides to show it’s true color. Transportation in Lagos is a hassle that almost every Lagosian has to experience almost every day but it’s one of the things that make the city of Lagos unique.


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  1. Lagos traffic is shameful. It’s not unique. It’s an evidence of the lack of initiative in solving problems that have lasted for more than a century. The fact that it is still there is a big SHAME.

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