Three Places to Hangout in Ibeju Lekki This Weekend

It’s another weekend! You’ve worked all week and now you need to kick back and have some fun. A little you time won’t hurt, you know?

There’s a blip though. You’ve visited everywhere fun you know in Ibeju Lekki and don’t really fancy visiting the same place twice. Chill, I’ve got you covered. I hereby declare your weekend saved.

Apart from the fact that Ibeju Lekki is home to the Lekki Trade Zone, home to the proposed Lekki airport and the very popular La Campagne Tropicana Resort, Ibeju Lekki is also home to revolutionary real estate company, LandLagos’ flagship development site and a host of other exciting places.

I’ve made a list of the top 3 places you can hangout this weekend in Ibeju Lekki.

  1. Omu Resort: Makes sense that this should be first on the list, right? Omu Resort has been around for a while, serving as a place to kick back and relax alone or with the family. With amusement park, zoo, go kart, biking, mini golf, hook and grill, archery, wave pool, and other exciting things, the resort is a sure place to have fun this weekend.

  2. Funtopia Leisure Resort: This is another place to hangout this weekend. With arcade and computer games in cusco city, Funtopia is a guaranteed crowd-puller that can give you the perfect weekend away from the busy week you’ve had.

  3. Nike Art Gallery: Looking to unleash that art enthusiast in you? Dropping by Nike Art Gallery is the perfect way to do that. With different arts made with varying materials and by hundreds of artists, the gallery is sure to provide that slow-down from the weekday rush and give you a new appreciation for beauty.

  4. Land Lagos Development One: Wait, I promised you three fun places, right? Well, a bonus won’t hurt. Feel free to visit the LandLagos Development One site opposite La Campagne Tropicana Resort in Ibeju Lekki.

LandLagos is a real estate company with a vision to reduce and control the unrealistic pricing of property in Lagos and make it possible for people of varying income level to own property. You should check LandLagos out on to book an inspection and visit the site to see how you too can become a property owner right there in Ibeju Lekki. You can’t rent forever, can you?

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