Society (LES)

Our Mission

Building a community of complete individuals equipped with the tools to take on the Nigerian and African business landscape profitably.

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Welcome to the LES

At the Landlagos Entrepreneurship Society (LES) you will learn the skills you need to thrive as an entrepreneur in Nigeria and we do this by providing you with the training and mentorship from the most renowned entrepreneurs and educators the country has to offer. In addition to that, we also allow you earn by showing you the ropes on how to be enterprising within our own organization, Landlagos as an Intrapreneur.

We understand that your journey to becoming your own boss in Nigeria requires capital, so we have devised a system that gets you started in a way that sees you being paid as you learn, grow, experiment and thrive within a community of like minds. So start with us, let us help you pave the way.

Benefits and Perks (B&P)


This depends on your ability to take information we provide and run with it. The B&P includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Cash bonuses
  • All expense paid travels
  • Free training classes covering a variety of the topics you need to know as an Entrepreneur
  • Mentorship
  • Free health benefits
  • Job offers
  • Cars as a bonus
  • Interest free loans
  • Other gifts.


We practice a hierarchal system that defines your level of follow through on a given assignment. To find out more

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Who is an
LES Intrapreneur?

An LES Intrapreneur is someone adept at taking advantage of the opportunities existent in well-structured organizations profitably. It is like entrepreneurship but with none of the uncertainties involved.

We are landlagos and in our quest to becoming the largest real estate company in Nigeria, we will be training you to become an LES Intrapreneur within our organization and mostly for yourself. By taking this step, you open yourself up to a world of earning opportunities starting with our help and our structure.

This is a free to watch online course complete with practical break downs that would see you immediately be able to create for yourself a portfolio ( a wealth list ) that would go on to open the avenues for impressive income that is needed on your way to becoming all you are meant to be.

This opportunity is open to you regardless of your current work engagement or lack thereof.

What is a

This is a list of individuals you know who have the purchasing power now or would at some point in the nearest future to make a Landlagos property (land) purchase off your recommendation. The goal of a wealthlist is the building of a personal database of people you know and the people they know to a substantial extent and cultivate a relationship with them that with our help and resources, and our trainings, help you monetize this list to provide the capital you need to pursue your personal business interests.

The philosophy here is simple; People buy from people they know. We are quite simply helping to position you as the one a large of group of people ( your wealthlist) would know to either buy from or to be recommend with regards to any kind of purchase involving property. The key word is POSITIONING. This is what the wealth list does, it positions you.

As a member of LES, you get to earn cash incentives of 6.6% on every sale we facilitate from your wealthlist, and you also get access to the trainings and mentorships as well as other perks and benefits on your way to becoming your own boss.

Let’s get started.


The LES Creed

I am a winner, and black is my skin
I belong to a community of people like me
An entrepreneur with sight set to the stars
A people with goals and pride and grit
To earn and grow and learn the ropes
Of life, its curves on the road to my goal
That in time I too can stand and say
In this life I came, I won, I pray.